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Society Meetings with Youths

Meetings with the youth have been organized in the city of Samarkand under a thematic title “Gifted Youth Are the Future of the Nation.”

n order to implement the resolution of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on additional measures in the realization of youth policy of the state in Uzbekistan signed 6 February of the current year, an event has been organized with the engagement of schoolchildren, students of secondary special and professional education institutions and those of higher education institutions in cooperation with the regional administration, the regional council of the Kamolot Youth Social Movement, and the commission for the affairs of the minors.

The young men and women arrived from various corners of the province were familiarized first with the activities of the Samarkand Automotive Plant and held conversation with their fellows working there. The great majority of the more than 550 workers of this enterprise to produce modern buses and trucks of several brands constitute the youth. Annually the plant employs 20-25 graduates of professional colleges.

The meeting included a dialogue between the heads of government and management bodies with youths. The young men and women offered their proposals and received answers from authorized people on issues they displayed interest. Consultative corners were arranged to deal with labor legislation, banking services and law information, whereby the specialists offered practical counsel and recommendations on the choice of proper path in business activities, on the assignment of soft loans to graduates building on the principle “Start up Your Own Business”.

As part of the event, the parents of thirty students were rewarded with certificates guaranteeing employment of their children after they graduate from colleges.

“My son Boburjon is going to graduate from the Samarkand Automobile Engineering College this year,” says Sobir Saydinov from Ishtikhan. “During studies, he passed internship at the Samarkand Automotive Plant, thus he has dreamt of working at this enterprise. Today, I have also got familiar with the activities of this modern factory, with the environment created here and earnestly envied the current youths. I am glad that my son is to be employed by this plant after he graduates from college.”

During the panel discussion held at the clinic no.1 of the Samarkand State Medical Institute, videos were demonstrated to reflect on the innovation ideas and technologies introduced into practice by young scholars and inventors, successes in the sphere of cooperation ties, the protection of health of mothers and children, surgery and pulmonology, the worthwhile input of the youths into the development of information and communication and computer technologies, agriculture and construction sector.

For the youths finishing education institutions and who are new to the labor market, and hence facing a difficult choice in the concrete sphere, conversations and meetings were arranged with specialists and entrepreneurs who have established their own business in healthcare, manufacturing industry, services, entrepreneurship and who have garnered certain experience and attained a well-deserved place in the working team.

The queries addressed at the event by the participants, the issues raised and proposals offered in the further consolidation of the involvement of youths in the society were discussed during an open dialogue with the participation of leadership of hokimiyats and relevant government agencies, and due tasks defined.

“At such meetings and conversations held in the form of the open dialogue with the hokim of the region and heads of other bodies, we have received tangible answers to the questions we raised,” says Dildora Kholmurodova, graduate of the Pakhtachi Medical College. “In addition, we were introduced directly to the process of reforms being undertaken in our country. We the youths promise to mobilize all our knowledge, abilities and skills to make a contribution to the prosperity of our nation in response to the care and attention.”

At the Registon Plaza Hotel in the city of Samarkand, the graduates of the Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages, the Samarkand Institute of Economics and Services, the Sartepa College of Tourism and Community Services, the Samarkand College of Food Industry demonstrated their professional skills in the vocations they have grasped, in particular, in tourism, translation, hospitality and catering, and cuisine art. For foreign guests, sphere experts and employers, the youths offered presentations in English, French, German and Uzbek in the professions they have chosen.

The Samarkand region hokim Z.Mirzaev addressed the meeting.

G.Hasanov, photos by Alisher Isroilov


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