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We Firmly Believe in the Great Future of the People of Uzbekistan, a Nation of Great History and Rich Cultural Heritage

The 9th Sharq Taronalari International Music Festival continues in Samarkand. The reporter of UzA – National Information Agency of Uzbekistan has interviewed some of the participants of the festival.

Matey Dognal, musician, Czech Republic:

The Sharq Taronalari international forum glorifies the best human qualities and calls for friendship and harmony. Performing national melodies and songs of various peoples in such an ancient and beautiful city like Samarkand triggers a sense of pride in the soul of every artist. We have been utterly glad by the participation of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov in the opening ceremony of the festival, whereby he demonstrated a high reverence for the participants of the forum. The leader of Uzbekistan sincerely greeted all the participants of the festival and wished them success. This added up to the prestige of the feast and bolstered the sense of respect toward the President of Uzbekistan and the Uzbek people.

We are infinitely grateful to President Islam Karimov, the initiator of this unique international forum, for the opportunity to display our art at the magnificent Registan Square.

Web Ya Ming, leader of the band Beijing, China:

Our band has performed Chinese songs with national instruments. We were totally nervous when performing for the first time on such a unique and marvelous stage as the Registan Square. It felt like as if this square took us to a world of fairytales. The fabulous decorations, the quality acoustics, the friendly environment have inspired the members of our group. We are positive that the jury and guests of the festival liked the beautiful national songs performed by us.

Kilema Randianantoandro, member of the Takideda group, Madagascar:

Our team was honored to take part in the Sharq Taronalari festival two years ago. Back then, we felt eager to revisit Uzbekistan and Samarkand in particular. And now we are glad that our dreams have come true. Our band thoroughly prepared for the festival, and we have presented the art lovers with a special show.

We like the exceptionality of Sharq Taronalari compared to other international festivals. The hundreds of festival participants are offered comfort at the highest level, which deserves appreciation. This requires immense efforts and tremendous funds. We are inspired by the high respect for all artists manifest by the leadership of Uzbekistan, which reinforces the sense of love for your people and President.

Walking along the streets of Samarkand and communicating with locals, I have witnessed that the youths of this country perfectly speak foreign languages, English in particular. The joyous faces of the people are indicative of the comfortable and affluent life in the country.

Jelena Poprzan, singer, Austria:

Arts have urged people from the ancient times for nobleness, and consolidated friendly ties among peoples. We had heard a lot about the Sharq Taronalari International Music Festival. And therefore we prepared profoundly for the participation in this forum. The choice of the historic Registan Square as the principal stage was a right pick. Since the performance of songs on this splendid stage stirs wonderful feelings in the soul of every artist.

We were pretty glad to find out that an opportunity is offered within the festival to familiarize with the culture and art of various nations, to listen to songs and watch dances of a great diversity of peoples. We firmly believe in the great future of the Uzbek people who has a marvelous history and a rich cultural heritage.

Iroda Umarova


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