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Samarkand region
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School Fairs

Ahead of the new academic year, school fairs have been launched in the marketplaces and shopping precincts as well as education institutions of Samarkand region.

Having become traditional in recent years, they open up conveniences for parents for acquiring schoolchildren’s quality and reasonable education accessories and apparel.

“Today, such school fairs are set up also at 98 general schools in addition to all marketplaces and trade complexes, given their remoteness from district centers and towns,” says Kuldash Saidov, head of division of the regional department for public education. “Via these trading units, education accessories are projected to be delivered for more than 392 thousand boys and girls attending the 977 general schools. To this end, due agreements have been reached with entrepreneurs and enterprises, and the essential volume of learning accessories and school uniforms are displayed for sale. In order to create convenience for the population residing in remote steppe and mountain settlements of Kattakurgan, Nurabad, Urgut and Kushrabat districts, in excess of ten mobile fairs have been set up. Each fair has its person of responsibility – directors and teachers of schools. The quality and price of produce are under control, along with its compliance with the spiritual values and mentality of our people. Cooperation is underway on this front with relevant government agencies.”

In the city of Samarkand, fairs are set up in 25 premises: in general schools, academic lyceums, professional colleges, shopping precincts and bazaars. Notably, 9 entrepreneurs are enlisted to the school fair set up at the Ipak Yuli shopping mall. The locals say they are satisfied with the fact that these trade units are equipped with bank card terminals, cashier machines and other necessary means.

“Three of my grandchildren attend school,” says Samarkand’s Lohutiy mahalla resident Tamara Kobiljanova. “We have bought all the essentials for them at the school fair. We liked both the quality and price of the goods. Crucially, we didn’t have to scatter through markets in search of the things we need. One can find all the accessories here.”

G.Hasanov, photo by Alisher Isrolilov


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